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Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your interest in participating in Indy Dreamworld. Before you proceed to purchase tickets, we strongly recommend you read through the following terms and conditions:

  • In this section, words like ‘holder’, ‘bearer’, and ‘purchaser’ will refer to you – the person who will buy the tickets to the Indy Dreamworld event. ‘Our’, ‘us’, ‘we’, ‘issuer’, ‘provider’ and similar terms will indicate the organizers of Indy Dreamworld – Ageplay, inc. By opting to purchase, allocate or possess tickets to Indy Dreamworld, you automatically agree to our terms of use. By purchasing a ticket to Indy Dreamworld you agree and consent to the full terms and conditions.

  • Please note that Ageplay, inc. reserves the right to make changes, revisions, and amendments, or add/remove sections from this set of terms and conditions – without any prior notifications to you. Such changes will be duly reflected on the website of the organizer https://Ageplayinc.com. These changes will relate back to the date of purchase of Indy Dreamworld tickets.

  • The price of one Indy Dreamworld general admission ticket is $180.00. The price of one Indy Dreamworld early bird special ticket is $155.00. These figures are non-negotiable.

  • The ticket you purchase represents a revocable license for you to access Indy Dreamworld - Indianapolis, IN between July 27, 11th, 2023 - July, 30th, 2023, when Indy Dreamworld is scheduled to be hosted. The license includes the revocable right to attend the Indy Dreamworld. This license can be revoked at any time by the issuer at its sole discretion, without any prior notifications or compensation. If the license is revoked, you will not be granted entry at the venue.

  • Kindly note that https://Ageplayinc.com is the sole authorized source for purchasing Indy Dreamworld tickets. A ticket is irrevocably tied to the individual upon purchase and registration and cannot be transferred to any other individual.

  • Please note that Indy Dreamworld tickets are non-refundable and are assigned to the individual named at the time of purchase.

  • Ageplay, inc. has the right to investigate if there has been any violation of the Indy Dreamworld ticketing terms and conditions. In case of any conflicts, the decision of Ageplay, inc. will be deemed final (i.e., the issuer will remain the final arbiter in cases of disputes).

  • If you are not able to access the venue – Indy Dreamworld - Indianapolis, IN – due to government regulations, weather-related closing, venue shutdown/evacuation, you are eligible for a refund or credit.

  • If Indy Dreamworld is canceled in its entirety due to any unforeseen circumstances, Ageplay, inc. has the sole and absolute right to: i) reschedule the event, and/or ii) issue a full refund

  • If Indy Dreamworld has to be rescheduled to other dates, you are eligible for a refund. The amount refunded will be the actual ticket charges, in USD less any processing, handling, or currency conversion fees.

  • Indy Dreamworld is a ‘rain-shine’ event. By purchasing the event tickets, you automatically confirm that you/the attendee(s) are of the ‘minimum age’ or older, at the time of buying the ticket(s). The ‘minimum age’ for attending Indy Dreamworld is 18.

  • If it is proven beyond doubt at the venue that an attendee is below the ‘minimum age’, (s)he will not be granted entry to Indy Dreamworld. No refunds will be granted.

  • At the time of entering the event venue, you are required to produce the ticket, a valid Government ID, and Proof of Vaccination. By presenting an ID and Proof of Vaccination, you confirm that all details present on it are accurate and updated.

  • By purchasing Indy Dreamworld tickets you give consent to Ageplay, inc. to collect certain information about yourself (name, picture, date of birth, etc.) for verification and storage. We agree to keep this confidential and secure.

  • Ageplay, inc. does not have any responsibility for personal/financial damages caused to you at the venue, or for any items lost, stolen, or misplaced. You should understand the risks involved with entering the event and recognize that we will do our best to ensure a safe event for all.

  • Indy Dreamworld and Ageplay, inc. follow a common ‘zero-tolerance policy’ towards unauthorized drug usage or possession at the venue, AND towards any type of behavior or actions that can be interpreted as lewd or obscene. If you are found in possession of prohibited items at Indy Dreamworld or have engaged in violation of this policy, your participation in the event will be terminated immediately. Your event ticket(s) will become void, you will be removed from the premises, and no refunds shall be granted.

  • Please note that you purchase Indy Dreamworld tickets of your own accord. You further understand, as stated above, the ticket(s) are non-refundable once purchased.

  • In all cases of disputes between the ticket-bearer and the ticket-issuer, the decision of the latter will be deemed final.

  • We really hope you will have a great time at Indy Dreamworld. You can get your tickets here https://www.ageplayinc.com/event-details/indy-dreamworld


You agree to follow the rules of the event as listed below.


Rules & Regulations:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older to attend the event with proof of Valid Government ID

  • Must be Fully Vaccinated with Proof of Vaccination or have a Doctor's Note present stating you can not receive the vaccine due to health risks.

  • Face masks are not required but encouraged

  • The Minimum Age to book a hotel room is 21 years of age

  • The property is a smoke-free facility. If there is smoking detected, the guest of the room will be charged a separate $250 cleaning fee

  • The deadline to book your hotel room is July 13th, 2023 at 5 pm Eastern Standard Time

  • To Book a room a credit card is needed on file to secure your booking. Payment for the room will be due at the time of check-in

  • No Sexual activity is permitted in public open spaces and in event spaces. Save it for your hotel room.

  • We cannot control what you do in your hotel rooms. You are solely held responsible for anything and everything that happens in your room both legally, financially, and sexually. This includes going against the hotel's no smoking/smoke-free policy. You will be charged a $250.00 cleaning fee.

  • This IS an Alcohol-Free event, No Alcohol is allowed on the premises. Drunken Behavior will not be tolerated.

  • No Weapons & Firearms are allowed. (Rifles, Handgun, Pocket Knives, Swords, Brass Knuckles, etc.)

  • I accept responsibility for all of my actions and speak while at the event and on the premises, and agree that Ageplay, inc. and the Hotel, will not be held responsible.

  • Wet Diapers are OK, Messy is not!

  • Diapers are not allowed in the Pool or Hot Tub (except for the Rearz Adult Swim Diapers that are for fashion use and not functional use.)

  • No Soiled (Wet) Diapers are allowed in the ball pit, and No dirty diapers are to be left in the ball pit.

  • Use of Kinky Equipment provided is permitted, (St. Andrew Crosses, Spanking Benches, Massage Tables, etc.) Sexual activities including the use of kinky equipment are prohibited.

  • I am allowed to bring my impact toys.

  • I will Sanitize all surfaces before and after use with the Sanitizing wipes provided.

  • Each Scene will be negotiated beforehand with either the Green, Yellow, Red Safe Words/ drop object safeword/ or the 1= I'm good, 2= Slow down, Take it easy, 3 = STOP, End Scene fingers safewords.

  • CNC (Consent Non-Consent) is not allowed at this event due to the potential misunderstanding from others attending the event.

  • I agree Physical contact with others is Strictly Prohibited without the Prior Verbal Enthusiastic Consent of both people.

  • Enthusiastic Consent is required before touching/handling another person's property, including their persons.

  • If your consent is violated both physically and verbally, Please find a Staff Member wearing a Lanyard badge and report the individual(s) who violated your consent. Violations may result in expulsion from the property with no refund or credit.

  • For any Questions, Comments, or Concerns, I can address a member of leadership that is wearing a lanyard with the Ageplay, inc. logo on it labeled Leadership.

  • Ageplay Inc Staff and Volunteers will be available to assist to ensure the event and my safety is protected.

  • Camera and photographic devices are strictly prohibited in all play areas, with No exceptions. Security Stickers will be applied upon check-in to your smartphone and must remain on at all times in the event space. Replacement stickers are available. Should a member be found with no sticker on their device in an event space, you may be subject to expulsion.

  • There will be a specific time and location of where pictures with your mobile device are permitted. To participate, you will need a separate wristband from your admission wristband to participate with a completed consent to photos waiver signed at check-in. Event Staff will ensure this wristband is on all participants before taking photos. We will announce the time and place photos are to be taken. At that time and location, participants will be able to remove their security stickers covering their cameras and take pictures. After they are done. All Participants will be required to apply a new security sticker on their mobile device before returning to normal activities.


I agree to fully read and agree to the Terms & Conditions, Refund Policy, and the Rules provided on this site and at our event.

Refund Policy

All ticket sales are final and are non-refundable unless an event is canceled and not rescheduled.


Thank you!