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Ageplay, Inc.


Ageplay, Inc. was founded by our President, Nathan Barfield in 2021. He, along with a small group of like-minded individuals, saw a need in the community for a safe space for ageplayers. They decided to take action by creating what started off as a small community group which has now grown into Ageplay, Inc. An international Non-Profit Corporation.



Ageplay, Inc. hosts monthly Ageplay related events as well as an Annual Multi-Day Convention, Indy Dreamworld. At first, Ageplay, Inc. served a small, local audience of 20-60 people. Ageplay, Inc. now reaches 11,254+ people world-wide through its website and social media presence. In March of 2022, we hosted Indiana's first ever Ageplay Convention which was a full hotel buyout.


Ageplay, Inc. is the one and only Ageplay/ABDL related Non-Profit Corporation in the world! We are the only one operating at a large scale on a monthly and annual event basis!


All proceeds earned are put back into the organization, to provide bigger and better events for all ageplayers.

While helping to grow and build the community stronger

than it has ever been before.

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